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About Me

Clay is timeless,
Warm, honest and pure.
Clay can embrace everything;
containing the power of life, the nutrients to grow and nourish fruit.

Whatever the subject matter of her art, Kim endeavors to revive its fundamental attribute in the clay. The energy of life and the inherent freedom found in this energy have been the main themes of her artwork.

The earthy, simple and spontaneous beauty of Korean Buncheong, a decoration technique using white slip on dark clay, attracted the artist . She reinterprets the technique with a modern viewpoint, applying the it to modern forms, and incorporate the influences of modern art.


M.A.Ceramic Art, CSU Fullerton, CA
M.A. Korean Art History, Hong Ik Univ,Korea

2003 - Present
Muckenthaler Cultural Center, Fullerton, CA
N. Orange County Community College District, CA

Exhibit & Collection

The artwork of Young Shin Kim has been presented in solo shows in USA and Korea and more than 30 national and international group shows including the most recent exhibition at AMOCA in Pomona, CA over the past two decades.
-AMOCA, Pomona, CA, USA
-Yong-in City Hall, Yong-in, S. Korea
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